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already why Sir Arthur Sailer is not in control
of Allied Shipping again, Sir John Orr directing
our food supply with perhaps Sir Frederick
Keeble to help him. Sir Robert Vansittart in the
Foreign Office. We want to know the indi-
viduals responsible for the incapacity of our
Intelligence and Propaganda Ministries, so that
we may induce them to quit public life. It
would be quite easy now to excite a number of
anxious people with a cry for " Competence not
Party ".
Most people in the British Isles are heartily sick
of Mr Chamberlain and his government, but they
cannot face up to a political split in wartime, and
Mr Chamberlain sticks to office with all the
pertinacity of a Barnacle. But if we do not
attack the government as a whole, but individual
ministers, and if we replace them one by one, we
shall presently have a government so rejuvenated
that even Mr Chamberlain will realise and accept
his superannuation. Quite a small body of
public-spirited people could organise an active
Vigilance Society to keep these ideas before the
mass of voters and begin the elimination of
inferior elements from our public life. This
would be a practical job of primary importance
in our political regeneration. It would lead
directly to a new and more efficient political